Shoulder Stretches
Welcome back to our Friday blog. This week we will explain some upper body movements to add to your warm up routine using a long resistance band. These moves can be performed in a circuit form. I perform 3 rounds of 10 but do what works for you. These moves look easier said than done so asses yourself. Beginners I recommend you start with the long yellow band and then switch to the red long band.  

1. Passthrough- Using a long band use a tight or loose grip depending on how mobile your shoulders and elbows are. Then while keeping elbows straight rotate band from front Delt range to high glute/lower back range and repeat this motion for 10 reps
2.Around the world- Rotate shoulders with hands over head in a locked elbow position. There is no exact number of rotations just as long as you feel the area is prepared for future movements.
3.pull apart- Starting with a long band infant of your body hands shoulder width apart, add some distance for your hands for when you pull apart (adjust your hands as needed). Begin with a slight bend at the elbows and pull from shoulders blades behind you, chest high as you bring arms back then release arms forward again at shoulder width. Repeat for about 10 reps
Try this out! Don't forget to tag us on your workouts and stretchy routines to be posted on our site.
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