How to use Resistance Bands for Stretching
Using Long resistance bands for stretching.
Long bands are a great addition to your home workouts or to maximize your gains at the gym. I also incorporate them to my pre workout warm up and post workout stretching sessions. 
 The long band will allow us to simulate and assisted stretching session by allowing us to reach greater ranges of motion in a more relaxed manner. Asses your tolerance. Remember we are not aiming for pain. I recommend start with a red long band and as extra resistance is needed to maximize stretch switch band resistance.
Do not bounce! These stretches are slow and controlled. We aim for discovering new ranges of motion. Remember to breathe through these pulling movements do not hold your breath. These movements are to be performed POST WORKOUT.
 Come by our blog next Friday to try out our pre workout long band warm ups exercises.
 Lower Body Stretches.
For this stretch lay on your back and put your butt up against a wall use a lighter band and start on one foot then pull it behind your back onto the other foot. When you hooking it up keep your feet close to your body then extend them out and stretch. 
For this stretch start with your feet close to your body wrap a lighter band around one foot then pull it behind you onto the other foot. Then extend your feet outward and let the band stretch your inner thighs. 
For this stretch your going to use a heavier band and fold it in half. Next get on the floor and stick your foot threw the loop. Next lay flat on the floor and pull your leg across your body and stretch your glutes. 
This is a great quad stretch. Fold a lighter or heavier band in half and loop it around your toes then slightly lean forward and pull your foot up to your butt. 
 Great hamstring stretch. Use a heavier band for this one and fold it in half. Wrap it under both feet and pull your feet upward while keeping your core tight. 
 Upper body Stretches
Great triceps and shoulder stretch. Use a lighter band and fold it in half grab it with both hands behind your back and relax and pull your upper hand down and back. 
Great shoulder stretch. Grab a lighter band and fold it in half  with both hands behind your back relax the one arm and pull it across with the other hand. 
Thank you very much give these a try and stay tuned for more tips Next week!!