Booty Bands Workouts

Here at The X Bands we make our latex booty bands 4x thicker to prevent rolling or sliding while your working out.

Our latex bands range from 15 lbs all the way to 125 lbs making them the strongest in the world.

Being so popular we also make them in a anti-snap fabric material in 4 different levels as well. You can perform the same exercises no matter which style you have its just a personal preference.

Check out all the awesome workouts you can do with them from anywhere.

How to Properly use the bands. 
*We created our bands in a wide variety of resistance levels to make sure anyone can use them and at any fitness level. 

*Normally the smaller resistance bands will go around your ankles and the thicker ones go up around your thighs.

*Depending upon what exercise your preforming and how much resistance you want will determine which band you use and the placement of it. 

*For squatting exercises what you want to do as you use the bands is focus on keeping your knees apart the band will want to pull them together so you'll need to use your glutes to keep them apart.  Be sure not to use to heavy of a band that you can't get your knees apart. What this will do is activate more of your glute muscles as you preform your exercise and keep you from having bad form. 

For isolation exercises like kickbacks or fire hydrants you want to choose a challenging band but not one that's to light and your not getting a good contraction but not to hard where your sacrificing form and full range of motion. Remember to slow down and make every rep count get that mind to muscle connection and embrace the burn ;)