Quick booty superset workout

Using a variety of resistance bands we will go through a series of exercises that can be performed to target legs and glutes all around.

These moves will be performed as supersets (back to back exercises)

Side Step
-Side steps to rdl 4 sets x 20x25
start by placing a light weight resistance band around your feet and begin by taking 20 steps to the left and 20 steps then to the right. Take one large step out one small step in. Bringing the second step all the way to a closed stance will release tension from the band and we do not want to do this. We want the most amount of resistance. The second movement is an RDL, we will begin by keeping our feet a little bit wider than hip with a part and hinging at hips, with a slight bend at our knees and pushing our glutes back. On the way up squeeze through your heels and mind muscle connection with your glutes. Do not come out to a straight upright lockout position we want to keep tension in the lower body.

-Squats to kickbacks 3/4 sets x25x20
For these two exercises, we will be using a purple resistance band under our knees. Perform squats by breaking at your knees fighting the band outward and dropping hips contracting glutes on the way down and up. follow these by kickbacks on each leg. With a small break at the knees and bend at hips we will begin by kicking through our heels, straight out and squeezing the glutes at the end of the movement.

-abductors 3sets x30
This exercise will be performed on its own, using one of the heaviest resistance bands available our 100lbs hulk booty band.
Begin sitting on the floor with the resistance band above your knees, keep your chest high and focus on squeezing your knees outward past hips. Return to starting point by slowly bringing in together the knees. Repeat this for the desired amount of reps.
Enjoy and have a great workout !!!
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