Lower body circuit with Glutezilla
For this lower body circuit, we will be using a glutezilla band only and performing four different moves.


1. Squat- begin by placing your feet in the glutezilla band placement and holding the other end of the band with your hands, keeping your chest upright shoulders back then break at your knees and hips, coming down into a squat position. As you come down, the resistance will be less as you come back to your starting position. The resistance in the band will be stronger. Make sure you push through those heels on the way up.
2. Stiff leg rdl- begin by placing your feet inside of the glutezilla band, and, holding the other end of the band in your hands feet will be a little bit wider than hip, with a part with a very slight bend at the knee. We will begin this movement by breaking at our hips, pushing are glutes back and controlling a spine so it remains neutral. Do not go too low because then you will activate your lower back, and we do not want this. Come back up to the starting position by squeezing through your heels, hamstrings and glutes.
3. Hip thrust- begin by placing the Glutezilla band in your feet and over your knees.  Your back will be placed on a bench. We will begin with our feet a little bit wider than a hip with a part, keeping a neutral spine as we move up and down, we want to make sure that when we’re at the top position, our knees and feet are at a 90° angle. Keep your chin tucked through the movement.
4. Kickbacks- for this exercise, we will begin by placing the glutezilla band in only one of our feet, and we go in the band. One side of the band will be around our hips. Place your torso in a table, top position against a bench, keeping your spine in a neutral position then kick back with the leg that is attached to the glutezilla. Inhale as you return your leg into a 90° starting position then kick back out as you exhale.
5. Abductors- for this exercise, we will be in a seated position, placing the glutezilla band in our feet and above our knees. Begin by opening the resistance band by squeezing through your knees and glutes, and holding this position for 2 to 3 seconds. Slowly return to starting position by returning your legs to a aligned position and repeat the exercise.
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