Glutezilla Warm up

Today we Will be using a glutezilla band for a posterior chain warm up.

Hip thrust. For this exercise, you will be placing the band on your feet and above your knees begin by engaging your core by inhaling and dipping down, sending the pressure to your heels. Do not allow your knees to cave-in. Return to the top position by squeezing through your heels, and contracting your glutes Exhaling on your way up.
Abductors. While maintaining your core engaged and your glutes elevated, continue to opening and closing at your knees for the desired amount of reps. Do not allow your glutes to dip down. Keep it tight.
RDL. For this movement, you will be standing the the band will be placed at your feet and you’ll be holding the other end. Begin by taking a deep breath to contract your core, hip hinging, sending the pressure once again into your heels, contracting your laterals on the way down to not arc your spine. To return to beginning position, slowly squeeze through your heels into your hamstrings and glutes Do not come to a full upright extension keep the tension in your lower body.
As a lower body warm-up set performing 2 to 3 rounds with 12 to 15 reps. Give us a try on the next Lower body day.