Holiday Gift Guide: Best Holiday Presents for Friends & Family Under $40

Looking for a present for your friends and family this holiday season? Choose a gift that promotes their health and wellness! Whether your recipient is new to a workout routine, or they’re looking to expand their at-home kit, here are just a few reasons why you should give the gift of health and wellness, plus three awesome product suggestions all under $40. Keep reading to learn more and then shop online for exercise equipment and guides at X Bands today!


Give the Gift of Good Health

Giving a gift to someone implies that you care about them — go the extra mile and show them that you care about their health and well-being by giving them a gift that promotes exercise. Health and wellness take many forms, so there are plenty of present options for you to choose from! You can choose from more expensive gifts such as smartwatches or you can go for something a little more affordable — a great place to start is with exercise equipment that is easy to use at home.

Resistance bands for working out at home or on the go.
Exercise equipment gift ideas that promote health and wellness.

Why Choose Gifts That Promote a Healthy Well Being?

Anyone can benefit from a gift that helps to promote a healthier well-being. No matter if your gift recipient is a hardcore adrenaline enthusiast who loves to work out or someone who has admitted to never owning a piece of equipment, they’ll appreciate that you considered their health with your present. Help your friends and family promote self-care, overall healthiness, developing good habits, and more by gifting gifts that encourage exercise.

The Perfect Gift for Booty-Builders

Looking for a great gift under $40 for friends and family who are looking to shape their glutes? Give them a Glutezilla Band, the ultimate hip-thrust, booty-building resistance band. This single band is everything they’ll need to sculpt their booty, coming in two different resistance levels, with more coming out soon! Glutezilla Bands are very easy to use and are perfect for booty-building beginners and experts alike. Order this easy-to-use resistance band gift that’s perfect for at-home use, as well as for travel and at the gym online from X Bands today.

Glutezilla Band from X Bands resistance bands for booty building.
5 booty-building resistance bands kit with workout guide.

Give Them the Complete At-Home Workout Set

Need a gift for someone new to resistance bands? Our 5 Booty Building Bands Plus 32-Page Guide Book gift is perfect and it’s under $40 for a limited time! Your friend or family member will easily be able to build, tone, shape, and sculpt their booty using the five different bands and following our instructional booklet, complete with 30 workouts. Help them kickstart their booty gains and order the 30-Day Booty Building Program with 5 Booty Building Bands DELUXE online today!

Gift a Comfortable and Stylish Set of Resistance Bands

If you’re in need of a gift for someone who may have used resistance bands in the past, give them this upgraded set of super durable and comfortable bands. Our Tough Bands are made of cloth instead of latex, so there’s no need to fear the bands snapping, hurting, leaving rashes, or causing allergic reactions for some. Plus, Tough Bands come in a variety of adorable colors and sizes up to 100 pounds! Order your friends and family a health-friendly gift — get our Tough Bands today!

Comfortable cloth resistance bands called Tough Bands from X Bands.

Shop the Best Presents for Your Friends and Family Under $40

Anyone can benefit from a gift that promotes health and wellness and our resistance bands are a wonderful place to start. Shop our selection of resistance bands and booty bands, view our free workouts, and don’t forget to join the VIP team and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest tips and tricks from the X Bands team! Contact our team today if you have any questions.

Get your holiday gifts under $40 that also promote health and wellness online today!

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