The 10 Best Resistance Bands to Get a Full-Body Workout At Home

Not everyone has a gym membership or a full-blown home gym. But what if we told you that you could get an effective, full-body workout in the comfort of your home? Yes, it’s possible - all thanks to resistance bands. Here are ten resistance bands that’ll transform your workout routine and streamline your fitness goals. Learn more at The X Bands, or check out all of our products here.


The 12-Inch Starter Set

First on the list is the 12-inch booty building resistance band starter set. It consists of 2 bands, a 30lb one and a 60lb one. The smaller, red band is meant for side lunges and kickbacks and the other for squats and side-squatting. Both of these booty bands target your hamstrings and glutes, so they’re perfect for getting started with building a better butt. Even better, the set costs only $15.99!

Woman performing squat exercise with resistance band
Woman performing donkey kick exercise with resistance band

Non-Slip Level 4 Band

Nothing says durable like the level 4 non-slip fabric band. It’s made four times thicker than your usual resistance band, and it is super-comfy. In addition to that, there’s a grippy side to this booty band, ensuring that it doesn’t slip or slide on your thighs. Get it now for only $24.99.

Little Yellow

Next, we have the general-purpose Little Yellow. This resistance band is meant to add the cherry on top of any exercise. It is 15lbs and 41 inches long, making it perfect for stretching. Little Yellow offers the resistance you need to take your workout to the next level. Additionally, you can buy a kit of 3 similar ones for $38.99. However, the standalone Little Yellow is only $8.99. Get yours now!

Man performing exercise with yellow resistance band
Woman performing various exercises with the “Glutezilla” band


We present to you our most prized offering - Glutezilla. Coming in with two different resistance levels of 50lbs and 75 lbs, Glutezilla is perfect for all levels of workouts. Moreover, it comes with two easy-to-use foot straps that are great for hip thrusts. Simply slide your feet into the straps and pull the resistance band over your hips. The next and final step is to place your feet about 6 inches away from your butt and thrust upward. It’s a must-have if you want to build your glutes at home. Get your Glutezilla for only $39.99 today!

A Pink Kit of Five

Next on the list is a set of five pink booty building resistance bands. As the previous offerings on this list, these too are created with durable, non-slip fabric that feels comfortable on your skin. In addition to the kit, we throw in a guidebook that contains 25 exercises and 30 different workouts you can perform with these booty bands. Furthermore, a carrying bag is also a part of the deal to make it even more convenient for you. Get this awesome set of 4 booty bands for only $69.99!

5 resistance bands with an included workout guide book
Woman flexing while wearing Leg Suppression Bands

Leg Suppression Bands

If you really want to step up your butt workout game, leg suppression bands are what you’re looking for. They will give you an incredible pump and ultimately the perfect glute you’ve always dreamed of. Leg suppression bands basically cut off blood flow to your legs temporarily. So, if you put them on before starting your set and release them right after, the muscle will receive an increased level of blood flow. This makes them great for leg extensions and hamstring curls. 

Before you make a purchase, measure your upper thigh. If it’s over 28-inches, go with the large version, and if it isn’t, the small one is what you need. Also, make sure to take them off after use since they do cut off blood flow. Get your leg suppression bands for only $24.99!

Hunnybuns Workout Kit

Next in line is the Hunnybuns workout kit, meant for in-home use and perfect for travel. It’s got everything one can ask for in order to get a full, effective workout. The kit includes four super-thick booty bands with resistances ranging from 30lbs to 80lbs. There’s also one heavy-duty resistance band thrown in the mix, with a resistance of 20-50lbs based on your preference. Additionally, there’s one door attachment, two ankle attachments, and a carrying bag to top it all off.  As we mentioned earlier, you won’t need any heavy gym equipment if you’ve got the Hunnybuns workout kit. Buy now for only $64.99!

Woman flexing while holding pieces of the Hunnybuns Workout Kit
Woman performing pull-ups using anti-snap resistance bands

A Set of 4 Anti-Snap Bands

Here’s another set of awesome resistance bands that are built to last. They’re known for their strength and durability, given their anti-snap material. These bands are 41 inches long and perfect for all sorts of workouts like pullups and squats. Moreover, the ranges vary all the way from 20lbs to 100lbs. This means you can get a full-body workout just from this set alone. Get yours for only $99 today!

People appreciate curves, and one thing that’s never going out of fashion is a voluptuous butt. If you’re looking for ways to get a shapelier backside, look no further. We’ve summarized a set of expert tips that will guarantee you the glutes you’ve always wanted. Learn more about how to improve your butt at The X Bands, and then check out our booty bands that’ll make the entire process a lot faster and easier.

Special Kit of 5 Multicolor Bands

If you’re looking for the perfect resistance band package, you found it. This is a special kit of 5 ultra-strong and super-comfy resistance bands meant to guarantee a perfect full-body workout. The bands are 41 inches long, with their resistances varying from 15lbs to 100lbs. Purchase this kit for only $74.99!

Set of five multicolored resistance bands for fitness
Heavy-Duty Bands kit from XBands

Heavy-Duty Kit

This exercise resistance band kit comes with 3 Nylon-covered bands that are basically bulletproof. Additionally, the kit contains handles, door and ankle attachments, and a carrying bag for your convenience. You can switch between the resistances according to the type of workout you need. Finally, they’re great for traveling and home usage. Get the kit now for $79.99.

A Bonus Just For You

If you still aren’t convinced how effective our booty bands are, we’ll throw in a bonus to nudge you in the right direction. Here’s a set of 5 sturdy resistance bands and an instructional guidebook to help you use them correctly.

Set of five multicolored resistance bands with workout guide book

With that being said, we have come to the conclusion of our list of the top 10 resistance bands that you can use to get a full-body workout. These booty bands are bound to help you achieve your fitness goals as efficiently as possible. Check out The X Bands for more information, or click here for our collection of the best booty bands in the market!