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People appreciate curves, and one thing that’s never going out of fashion is a voluptuous butt. If you’re looking for ways to get a shapelier backside, look no further. We’ve summarized a set of expert tips that will guarantee you the glutes you’ve always wanted. Learn more about how to improve your butt at The X Bands, and then check out our booty bands, like our Glutezilla Band, that’ll make the entire process a lot faster and easier.


Maximizing Your Glutes

There are three main muscles in the butt — gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. These three are the crucial assets that you need to work on. They are responsible for allowing our upper legs to move the way they do. That means every time you walk, you’re exercising your glutes. So, one way to maximize your assets would be to hike up a hill, or walk/run on an inclined treadmill. In order to shape, tone, and potentially grow your butt, you’ll want to focus a good chunk of your workout time on these muscles. While focusing on maximizing your glues, ensure that you also keep up with regular cardio and stretching workouts, such as running and yoga, as well as toning the rest of your muscles.

Woman taking a selfie after working out at the gym.
Working out and stretching from home on a yoga mat.

Doing the Right Exercises

You don’t need to go overboard with exercising your glutes if you’re just starting out. Experts suggest simple but effective exercises such as squats, standing lunges, side leg lifts, and others. Once you’ve got the hang of those, you can start meddling with slightly complicated variations like stepping lunges and ball squats. After that, you can try adding weights in a gym or using resistance bands at home that simulate the heaviness of weights. With resistance band exercises, you can focus on toning the muscles in your butt with the right exercises from home safely and affordably.

Using the Right Equipment

If you get the right booty-building equipment, your butt workout will become much more efficient. Start with the resistance bands that we mentioned above. They’re more affordable and much safer to use if you’re new to using workout equipment. Plus they do the job even better sometimes! At The X Bands, we offer a variety of workout equipment and accessories as well as training videos, but some of our most popular products are our high-quality resistance bands. Our Booty Bands line of resistance bands was created with a killer butt workout in mind.

Use Booty Bands from The X Bands to get a killer butt workout from home.
Work out with resistance bands to maximize your glutes.

Just Getting Started?

If you’re new to working out, resistance bands, such as our Booty Builders, are perfect for you. Not only are resistance bands versatile, but they’re easy to use at home, too. Plus, at The X Bands, we offer our Boody Bands by weight and also in kits and sets so that you can get the perfect bands for your skill level, depending on your strength and goals. Try our 2 Pack of Hunny Buns Booty Building Bands Starter Set if you’re just starting out with your butt-building workouts. These super-soft, thick resistance bands are great for at-home booty-sculpting and are perfect for beginners. Learn more and order online today!

Enlist A Friend

One of the best ways to get into a good workout habit is to enlist the help of a friend. Grab a friend who’s also willing to commit to a solid workout routine with you so that you’re more likely to stick to the habit yourself! Get your BFF a set of Booty Bands as a gift so that the two of you can start maximizing your glutes together easily from home. Shop our sets online now!

Two friends doing lunges to work out at home.
Use resistance bands to work out at home without a gym membership.

No Gym, No Problem

To work out and get the amazing, toned butt that you’ve always dreamed of, there’s no need to join a gym — skip the membership fee and work out at home with the help of Booty Bands. Our resistance bands make it easy to stay in shape and tone your butt from the comfort of your own home. There are dozens of different workouts that you can do, including a variety of different routines catered just for sculpting your gluteus maximus. Shop our collection of non-slip fabric Booty Building bands for at-home workouts online today!

Need Some More Home Exercise Inspiration?

If you’re choosing to build your booty from home and skipping the expensive monthly gym membership, you’ll want to know the best home booty building exercises to go with your Booty Bands. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Along with our free exercises featured in our newsletter, blog, and social media posts, we also have our must-have 32-Page Instructional Home Exercise Guide Book that features 25 booty-building exercises! This is the ultimate Booty Bands guide that you can’t get anywhere else. Order online today alongside your favorite Booty Bands or other at-home exercise products from The X Bands!

Exercising at home.
Taking a picture of progress after working out.

Build Your Booty in Just 12 Weeks

Want to know the secret to getting building your booty fast? Try our 12 Week Booty Building Kit, which includes all of the Booty Bands and workout accessories that you’ll need for a full 4 months of at-home workouts for maximum booty growth! Plus, we also offer our 12 Week Booty Building Guide Book to walk you through the perfect, killer butt workouts to try with your new Booty Building Kit! The kit is just $129 on its own and the guidebook is $39 — an amazing deal for four months worth of booty sculpting workout gear and routines! Order both online today along with our other collections of Booty Bands and Exercise Products.

Order Booty Bands For A Killer Butt Workout From Home Today!

At The X Bands, we’ve got all sorts of resistance bands that can help streamline your workout, including our popular line of Booty Bands, made just for killer butt workouts from home. Maximize your assets easily from the comfort of your own home — order our Glutezilla Band for the best glute workouts today.

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