Posterior chain/lower body using long band

For this posterior chain/lower body workout we will be using one long resistance band. If you want to add extra tension you’re welcome to *add a booty band under your knees for some of these exercises.

*Stiff rdl- initiate with your feet hip with apart and point your toes outward, keeping a very slight bend in the knees, do not lock them out. Keep a strong core and hinge at your hips. Focus on stretching your hamstrings and pushing your glutes backwards, allowing the resistance band to drag you backwards. You can add dumbbells to this exercise and remember to keep them close to your shins on the way down. Do not allow your back to round keep your spine neutral. When coming out of this position, squeeze slowly through your heels and hips against the resistance band, squeeze your glutes and continue pressing your hips against the band. Your body will be at an angle, you must trust the resistance band and lean your body into it.
Side lunges- secure your resistance band against a sturdy accessory and step into the band, placing it around your hips. You will be stepping out word against the resistance band by hinging at your hips into a side lunge. Your knee will be at a 90° angle and the opposite leg will be straight, do not bend your knee. To return to starting position push through the outside leg and bring your body back to center. Repeat for the opposite side.
*Hip thrust- begin by placing the long resistance band around your feet then fit your your upper body against a bench or accessory of your choice and bring resistance band above your knees. You want to have the bench at the level of the end of about your sports bra. Engage your core and with your legs at a 90° break at your hips, dropping your glutes while controlling the extension through your hamstrings and return to starting position by squeezing through your heels, and returning to an upright flat position. Do not over extend the spine when at top position nor drop your tailbone on the way down. You want to make sure that your spine is always neutral as you go through the hip hinge movement for an extra challenge at a booty band under your knees and a dumbbell, or a barbell.
Kickbacks- attach your long band to a sturdy accessory and place your foot at the end of the resistance band. Hinge your body as flat as possible. Begin by bringing the banded leg at a 90° angle, then stretching it out, pressing through our heels and squeeze your glutes at the top, return to starting position by slowly, breaking at your knee, and bringing in the leg towards our belly button. Do not bring your leg too far in to the point you bring in your lower back, remember to keep your spine neutral. Repeat the same for other leg.