Pool side Booty Workout !!!

Just in time for summer a quick home booty workout you can do while your kids play in the pool ;) 

Long band kickbacks- begin by attaching your long band to a steady placement at knee level. Place one foot it band and lean forward, finding balance on one leg, opposite leg will be kicking outward with a slite bend at knee. Do not bring kickback too high up to avoid back over extension. Repeat for the desired amount of reps and same on other leg.
Good morning- begin by attaching band to a steady placement and to intensify this love I have placed a level 3 fabric band above my knees. Find your distance to create tension between band and you. When starting the move feel as if the band was pulling you back from hips while maintaining a neutral spine as we hip hinge. Pretend as is cork screwing the floor on your way back up to starting position. Squeezing through the band at an angle, almost as if leaning into the band.
Seated abductors- place a band of your choice above knees and with chest high and a neutral spine bend legs in front of body. Begin by opening resistance band by pushing through your glutes and then returning to start position with legs closed for the desired amount of reps.
Alternating front lunges- placing a band above knees and a long band at hips begin by taking a step forward controlling your body, tight core and then stepping back to starting position alternate feet and repeat movement.
Crossover kickback- begin with band above knees and on a flat bench. Spine is neutral and working leg will be straight and coming in and down across body. We then continue to bring leg up and across body pointing heel to sky. Return to initial position controlling your drop and focusing on your stretch through the move repeat for desired amount of reps
Give this awesome workout a try next time you have a few minutes while your kids play. You'll love it ;)