Home workout with bar kit Part 2

Here's Part 2 with 5 more awesome exercises give these a try there perfect for when you cant make it to the gym or part of your regular home workout routine!

Lateral pull through- for this exercise, we will begin laying down on the floor, and with our at home kit, attached under a door. Find distance to create tension in the band, stretch your arms backwards, with a slight bend in the elbow and begin by bringing your arms up and squeezing through your laterals, and pushing the bar attachment overhead. 
Shoulder press-begin by stepping in the resistance band and using the long bar or the single arm attachments, place your hands at a 90° angle, extend it outward and at shoulder height. Begin by pushing overhead, the attachment pressing through your palms, squeezing through your shoulders, then slowly return down to starting position.
Front raises-for this exercise will be stepping in the resistance band and using the long bar or the single arm attachments. Begin by pulling the attachments forward, squeezing through our shoulders, never coming higher than our chin level.
Bicep curls- using the long bar or single arm attachments, place your resistance band under your feet and pull the attachment past the 90° angle until you feel a full contraction in your biceps. Slowly return to initial position. Repeat this for the desired amount of reps.
Tricep extensions- begin laying flat on the floor securing the HomeKit under a door. We will be using the single arm attachment or the bar for this exercise. Place your arms straightened out overhead and begin by slowly breaking and dropping at the elbow. Feel for a stretch in the back of your arm/your triceps when doing this. Do not go extremely low into the movement just to where you can feel and control a stretch, then return to initial starting position by extending at the elbow and squeezing your tricep, on the way out.

Hope this helps!!!

Here's the link to the product ;)