7/8" Wide Black 50lb Resistance Loop Workout Band

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Toughen your fitness game with our premium 7/8" wide by 41" long resistance band in sleek black. Crafted from the highest quality multi-layered latex, this band offers a substantial 40-50 lbs of resistance, making it the ideal progression from our popular 30 lb. red band.





Tons of Workouts for Full-Body Strength

Whether you're into stretching, full-body exercises, or targeted arm workouts, this band has you covered. Incorporate it into your arm routine for curls that'll redefine your strength and size. Need assistance with pull-ups? The 50 lb. black band is your trusted ally, reducing the load by about 50 lbs and giving you those extra reps.

Take Your Training Anywhere

Compact and portable, this resistance band is your go-to fitness companion for home workouts, the gym, or while traveling. It's your ticket to a challenging and effective workout, anytime, anywhere.

Stability and Strength

Use it as a pair to hang weights off bars, enhancing stability and increasing your strength during workouts.

Upgrade Your Fitness Journey

Level up your resistance training and achieve your fitness goals with the 50 lb. Black Resistance Band. It's the versatile tool you need to push your limits and make progress like never before.


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