Upper body mobility and stretching exercises
Long bands are great for added resistance, but have you tried using them for mobility and warm ups?
Give your body 10 minutes before your workouts to focus on these moves that will improve your performance with all major moves.
This segment is focused on upper body long band exercises. These can be performed in sets of 2 with reps from 8-10
1. Pull apart- with palms facing the sky and a slight bend at the elbow we will pull apart the long band from our elbows while stretching our chest and squeezing our delts. Bring arms forward in a controlled motion and repeat for the desired reps
2.Crossovers- using a yellow or red long band we will hold from the ends and pull the band over head then return to the starting point. Try not to bend your elbows while transitioning the band back and forth. repeat for the dire amount of reps
3.Halos-one arm goes up overhead with elbow extended while drawing the other arm in circles behind the head the other arm then follows through the same movement returning overhead  continue the movement with a counterclockwise motion for the desired reps
4. Single arm shoulder press- Start with a yellow long band, feet placed at the bottom, arm at shoulder height and 90 degrees. Begin by pressing towards the sky and returning to the 90 degree position at shoulder level and do not come all the way down. Repeat this move on the opposite side
5.Overhead tricep extension-place a band at one foot the opposite side will be the working side. pull the band over head and we will have a 90 degree bend at elbow overhead. Start by pulling the band away from the head and slowly returning to the 90 degree position behind the head. continue for the desired amount of reps
6. Upright rows- placing feet in the band with feet hip width apart hold the other end of the band with palms facing you then pull upwards into chin and keep elbows in a high position while hands stay facing low towards chest. to finalize, move return hands to starting position while controlling the band on the way down. repeat the movement for the desired reps
Bands used in this workout