Booty and Core Moves

Welcome to our Friday blog this weekend will be focusing on Booty and core moves.

These are three easy moves that can be done at your home or gym. Repeat these exercises for 3 to 5 rounds each exercise for 30 seconds.

1. Plank side step- Placing a booty band around your ankles we will start in a high plank position. Begin by alternating side step while Holding your high plank position. Remember to use a big Glute squeeze as a side step and keep your core tight through this movement without allowing it to sync to the ground.


2. Alternating plank leg/arm lift- Begin by placing a resistance band around your ankles. Place your body in a high plank position. Brace your core and start by raising opposite arm and opposite leg then repeating this movement by alternating sides. (Easier said than done but practice makes improvement).


3. Banded alternating glute March- Place a resistance band around your feet, place your back on the bench and we will begin a Glute March. Make sure to lock one leg at 90° and hold for a second at the top this will engage your core as well as your glutes. Repeat this movement alternating legs through the movement.



Give these 3 awesome exercises a try and for the bands click below. ;)