7 Upper Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Give these awesome upper body workouts a try with your X Bands For sexy arms and shoulders ;)

Long band face pull-
Place band and in a secure overhead position holding the end of the band we will pull into our face squeezing our delts and upper back by ending elbow and keeping them high. Return to starting position like sending your arms and repeating this motion
Tricep pull down-
Start by securing your long band and an overhead position. Placing both hands at our sides bringing them into a 90° angle and then pulling the band downward squeezing our triceps For two seconds extended and bringing back to a 90° with a three second count.
Bicep curls- 
Place a long band around your feet and hands. Keep your feet hip width apart. Begin by extending your arms to the side of your body and bring them up holding our bicep squeeze at top for two seconds and slowly releasing with a three second count. This will really make you feel a burn.
Single shoulder raises –
Place a long band across 1 foot and start to work the opposite arm. With a slight bend at the elbows we will bring our shoulder up into chin height level. Slowly lower the band keeping your elbow with a slight bend back down to it starting position. Repeat these for the desired amount of reps
Upright rows –
Place the Long band around your feet and bring your hands in an overhand grip around the other end of the band. Will begin by pulling upwards into and over our chest keeping our elbows in a high bent position. Slowly bring down the band with a three second release to starting position. Remember squeeze the band at the top for two seconds this will help give us an extra burn.
Kneeling back row –
Secure your long band and overhead position then coming down to your knees. Begin by extending your arms and stretching your laterals then squeeze through this Until your arms are next your body and hands are near chest. You can also do these in the standing position placing 1 foot back for stability
Using a long band hold onto the band from both ends. Begin by pulling band apart and down into your doubts and upper back keeping a slight bend in the elbows never locking them. Then release band coming back to a eyesight level position and repeat this movement for the desired amount of reps.

Pick about 3-4 different exercises and do around 4 sets of 15 reps of each 

Bands used in these exercises

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