6 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of spreading love and care and enjoying the comfort of your friends and family. However, despite everyone having the best intentions, the holiday season can be rife with stress and chaos. Traveling, spending more time with family, and perusing the various food items that will inevitably be available in abundance are just a few of the things that can throw off fitness and diet routines. But don’t freak out yet! With just a little bit of planning and an adaptable mindset, you can make it through the holiday season in solid fitness fashion. Here are six tips to help you out on your way!


Plan Ahead

Planning is key when the holidays are approaching. Your schedule will inevitably shift during the end of the year, so make sure you incorporate a workout routine that melds into the chaos. App-based fitness classes and guides are good for this and can often be done anywhere with little-to-no equipment. Some of them even have meal tracking capabilities to help you stay on top of your diet. This is perfect for traveling or staying in places where you don’t have immediate access to your normal gym.

Notebook with workout plan schedule drawn in surrounded by water bottle and apple
Fit young woman in Santa hat pinching belly after holidays

Choose Healthy Substitutes

This tip may be easier said than done when we’re talking about holiday food. But, if you can pull it off, your body will thank you in the new year. An example of how you can do this includes replacing sour cream with greek yogurt in your typical holiday recipes. You can also substitute mashed potatoes with sweet potatoes and avoid the gravy. Hummus is a great alternative for heavy, cream-based fatty dips. When it comes to cheeses, reach for the lighter ones, like cottage cheese, feta, and goat cheese. And, of course, try to opt for roasted veggies and fresh fruits whenever possible.

Change Your Mindset

While a lot of people have cheat days, many treat the holidays like an entire cheat season. This is a big mistake that can undo a lot of progress you’ve made on your fitness journey during the year. That’s why you need to change your mindset going into the holiday season. Don’t treat the holidays as an excuse to go completely off the rails in your fitness and healthy-eating lifestyle. Instead, treat the foods and extended relaxation times as little rewards for you maintaining your healthy routine throughout the season. You deserve to relax and indulge a little, just don’t overdo it!

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Smiling young woman offering a glass of water

Stay Hydrated

Water is key. During the holiday season, there will no doubt be plenty of soda, sweet tea, spiked cider, cocktails, and seasonal ales within arm’s reach. These are fine to enjoy in moderation, but you should always alternate with a glass of water. Keeping your body hydrated is key to maintaining your overall physical and mental health, and this rule doesn’t take a vacation for the holidays. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated to keep your internal organs functioning properly, your skin clear and healthy, and your metabolism moving.

Take Care Of Yourself

We’ve talked a lot about keeping yourself physically healthy during the holidays, but you are going to have a much harder time doing that if you’re not mentally okay. The holiday season can take its toll on our mental wellbeing, sometimes without us even realizing it. Make sure you recognize when your mind has reached its limits and your stress gauge is filling. Meditation and light workouts will help with this, as will reading and getting plenty of sleep at night. Also, don’t be afraid to separate yourself from large groups for a bit when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Man and woman meditating in front of the ocean in the sunset
Collection of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables

Focus On Immune Health

We often underestimate the impact of the holiday season on our immune health. Since we tend to eat fewer fruits and healthy vegetables during this time, our immune system takes a hit. When your immune system is altered, you’re at a greater risk of getting sick, which can really put a damper on the holiday festivities. Make sure you keep your immune system up to snuff by intaking your appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables, and by taking vitamin supplements on days you know your diet might not be the best.

Like we said, the holidays are a time of joy and spending quality time with loved ones. You deserve to take a little r&r time and cut loose a little. However, don’t do it at the expense of undoing all the progress you’ve made on your fitness journey. For more tips on how to approach the holiday season with the right plan and mindset, talk to the fitness professionals at X Bands today!