5 Upper Body Workouts You Can Do From Anywhere

All you need is 2 bands the Glutezilla and a long resistance band of your choice. black 50lb shown in picture. 

1.Push ups- begin on the ground for beginners can start on your knees others go on your toes. With keeping your back straight and core tight push upward and then down. Try and do as many as possible 4-5 times. 

2. RDL to reverse grip back row is a combo move. Begin by placing glutezilla band at feet placement and holding other end with a reverse grip. Feet hip width apart and a slight bend at knees begin by bending at hip sending glutes backwards and keep a tight back controlling the tension on the way up hold then return.  repeat for the desired amount of reps.

3. Laying back row- Laying on your back with feet in glutezilla band begin by pulling elbows in towards body. Keep resistance on your feet, hamstring and glutes to not allow feet to cave in when performing this movement.

4. Standing back rows- Start with the glutezilla on your feet. While keeping your knees bent and back straight. Pull the band upward until your chest until elbows are inline with your back. Then return until the beginning. Repeat for the desired amount of reps.

5. Long band single rows- focusing on one side, wrap your long band on a steady point and begin by standing one foot in front of the other and pulling with opposite elbow of leg that is forward. This will provide some stability while performing the exercise. Pull elbow in at 90 degrees and then slowly release to start point and repeat for the amount of reps desired.


Products used for these exercises.