5 glute building exercises you can do from anywhere


Hey everyone and welcome back to our blog. We have put together 5 awesome glute building exercises that you can do from anywhere. Some of these exercise can be done in the gym with weights and cables and also from home with resistance bands. We'll put the link to the products used in the exercises below so there easy to find as well as some full body workout kit links. 
You can either do all 5 of these exercises for a great workout or just pick a few if you already have other workouts your doing. When your doing these exercises make sure to pick out a challenging weight or resistance band. Most of these exercises you should shoot for around 12-15 reps and complete about 4-5 sets. 
If its to easy then up the weight or add more bands. Make sure to go slow and control the weight or bands and getting a great pump in. 
The first 2 exercises are a great warm up exercises to get started with. 


1. Fire hydrants - For this one place the band above your knee and lift your leg straight out to the side hold at the top for 1-2 sec then return. Make sure to do both sides. 


2. Banded Kick backs- This also is a great warm up exercise and works the back of the booty. It can be done in the gym with cables and ankle attachments or with bands from anywhere. Make sure to go slow and controlled and feel it contract on your glutes. Keeping the band above your knee lean forward slightly and bring one leg straight back and as high as your can get it then return. 


3. RDL'S- This is a great exercises as long as you can preform it safely it can be done with both resistance bands like the glutezilla or heavier resistance bands. or weights in the gym. Make sure to keep a slight bend in the knees and keep your back straight and tight. You want to feel it in your hamstrings and glutes and not your back and arms. So keep your back tight and pivot at the hips. Perform around 12 controlled reps. 


4. Hip thrusts- My favorite and probably the best exercises to isolate and train the glutes. These can be done with weights in the gym or home with bands like our patented hip thrust band Glutezilla. or my favorite using both together. With lots of practice you can get really strong at this and will really see some changes to the back side ...;)  Make sure to go nice and slow and control the weight and bands and make sure to stop and squeeze at the top for 1-2 seconds before you return to the bottom. 


5. Dumbbell or resistance band sumo squat- This is a killer exercises for both your quads and glutes. It can be done with a weight such as dumbbell or kettlebell or with resistance band like Glutezilla or heavier loop resistance band. Make sure to have your legs wide and feet pointed out. When you squat down make sure to keep your back straight and squat as straight down as you can then back up. We want to keep all the weight on your glutes and legs vs your back. Keeping your chin up on the way up can also sometimes help. Like always go slow down and up its all about keeping all that tension on the glutes and making them burn.;)



Thank you all very much hope you have a great workout and lets build those Booties !!!

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