3 ab workouts to do with sliders

Here's 3 awesome ab exercises that you can do anywhere all you need is our ab sliders. Give them a try !!! 

Plank Pike -in an elevated playing position with feet, hip width, apart and sliders at feet, brace, your core, inhale and tuck your legs in towards your arms, elevating and your lower body into a pike. Slowly returned by extending your legs into a plank position. Repeat this for the desired amount of reps.
Plank to abductor slide - begin with an elevated plank be careful not to bring your lower back down slide one leg to the outside and then return to center continue with the same movement on the opposite like for the desired amount of reps
Mountain climbers - for this exercise, we will be in an elevated plank position with sliders at our feet. Begin by bracing your core and tucking one knee, attempting to reach the opposite elbow, return leg to starting position and continue with the opposite leg reaching for the opposite
Click the image below for the link to pick up your own ab sliders with foot strap so they stay on your feet or hands !!!!