//Custom Suspension straps with Door And Outdoor Attachments.

Custom Suspension straps with Door And Outdoor Attachments.

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Here at X bands I took the normal TRX set up and I upgraded it. In this setup there are 4 different length options all you do is take the steel handle and snap it onto which ever loop you want. Attached to the Steel handle are loops so that you can attach your feet to do all your favorite abdominal workouts. The Steel handles can be detached and used to attach to any resistance band or cables. This set-up can attached to our Steel door attachment or loop it over any pole or other anchor. The best part is that all of them are Hand made in AMERICA and hand inspected and tested by me. I hope you enjoy Also included in this kit is our custom outdoor attachment that you can loop around any tree, swing set, fence or whatever you can find to anchor it to.

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