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The X Bands How we got started

I started off in the military in 2003 as a support equipment technician and I was always big into fitness and helping others get into shape. Over the 11+ years in the military, I was always a fitness leader and instructor teaching classes and helping others get into shape. A couple years back I bought my first set of resistance bands from a sports store and started incorporating them into my workouts and quickly fell in love with them and how effective they were.
I soon began incorporating them into my fitness classes for the military because they were lightweight and easy to carry out into the field. As I started using them more I wanted to expand my collection of bands but realized they were kind of expensive in retail stores. So I looked into getting them directly from the manufactures and supplying them to myself and fellow military personnel.  Once I found a great manufacturer that made high-quality bands I started ordering them and starting spreading the love and knowledge on how easy it can be to work out from anywhere not just the gym. From there I started making different attachments to go with the bands so I could do more exercises with them from the field or wherever I was. So I came up with our 3 piece bar so I could do squats and deadlifts from anywhere. From that Idea, I continue to create more ideas and equipment that I can use the bands with such as our weight belts, outdoor attachments, wall anchors, foot harness. So I am constantly open to new ideas on how we can use these bands anywhere.
Thank you all very much for your support and if there’s anything I can do to help you out please let me know. I love helping others live a healthier lifestyle.
Ken Schmidt
Creator of The X Bands